She Should Have Gone To Nagano

Luke didn't know about two sisters and Olympic dreams when he wrote chapter 15.

The Tomb of Alexander

If this kind of thing ever happened we all would have heard about it.  It would have been an international lead-story.

A Star-studded Night In Jerusalem

Jesus wept in Bethany.  Let's hope He didn't do it again in Jerusalem... or now.

elisheva's diary

If Mrs. Noah had kept a diary...

Four Roads Diverged

Three gospels report this episode but none of them tell us "the rest of the story."  Let us imagine what might have been...

Carlos Herrera's Dream

Many  "claim" Christianity.  This is the ant-thesis of "taking the name in vain."

Twenty Years of Pain

Sibling rivalry.  It's as old as the hills... this time the Rockies.

Daughter of the Chippewa Territory

It's early America, but it feels like a certain king has not yet been born...

A Las Vegas Love Story

If Hosea's story doesn't move you I don't know what will.  Amazing grace for those who know they deserve nothing.

Schindler's Factory

Behind the scenes this might have happened...  Or so Matthew 20 says.

Berman Driml's Shame

A story from The Czech Republic or Matthew 18... or both.

H.T. Atchley, C.P.A.

An "overachieving" C.P.A. feels like a little man stuck in a tree... both in hopelessness and in new hope!

A Curious Day In Bethany

C'mon, have you ever wondered what happened to Lazarus after John 11?

The Council of the Critters

And what if the Creator actually did let the "creation" have a larger role in running this place?

The Man Most Likely (To Be A Fool)

There's no level of income you cannot outspend.  For some, there may not be enough days either.

Luke Awtrey's Harvest

Jesus told this story,  He just didn't say it was from Midland High School.

Will the real Mrs. Deisson please stand up?

Many of us are terrified at the prospect of being called a "legalist."  We may wish to reconsider.