The Dirty Laundry

When do we stop sharing all?

The Phone Bill

A very provocative exercise in maturity.

You Are The Boss

This one always surprises... and makes Jesus really look good.

Enough is Enough

How much patience would you have had?

The Paganville Pastor

This is real-life, real-church stuff.  Worth the consideration...

Rescue, Someday

A twist on a common exercise.  It's not all hypothetical for there actually is an answer.

A.E. Cidoal

Written originally for Seventh-day Adventists this can apply to any group.  It really reveals attitudes...

Prejudice & Bigotry Survey

It's worked for my college classes over and over again.  This is worth the time...

Serial Marriages

This one will really make you think about what marriage is supposed to be.

Biblical Grounds

Very few issues challenge the church more than divorce and remarriage.  This will stretch you.

Providence Challenges

Anyone who wrestles with this learns to be grateful God is God and we are not.

What's Your Next Move?

Naive people don't know life is messy.  If you think there are easy answers this will challenge you.